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Vintage Vault Pokemon

Mystery Box - Guaranteed WoTC Booster Pack in every box!! - Round 2 - DM on Instagram @VintageVaultPokemon for discounts!

Mystery Box - Guaranteed WoTC Booster Pack in every box!! - Round 2 - DM on Instagram @VintageVaultPokemon for discounts!

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Vintage Vault Mystery Box Round 2 - DM on Instagram for exclusive discounts! @VintageVaultPokemon

Each box includes the following:
1x WoTC Vintage Pack
3x Modern Packs (Sword and Shield Era)
1x Coin
3x Holo Pokémon Stickers

1:1 Fossil, Jungle. Team Rocket, Gym Heroes/Challenge Unlimited or higher value Booster Pack
1:2 1st Edition Jungle, Fossil, Team Rocket, Gym Heroes/Chalenge; or Neo Series Booster Pack
1:50 Legendary Collection Booster Pack


Agreements : 

  • You will be receiving 1 mystery box that includes the above mentioned. Shipped via USPS Flat rate with tracking/insurance
  • We are not responsible for any taxes or import fees.
  • Remember to choose a shipping option, boxes will not be shipped without payment of shipping.
  • Cards will be shipped to address on order, so please double check. 
  • Strictly no refunds or returns once purchased.
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High Ceilings

Legendary Collection, Skyridge, Aquapolis, Expedition, 1st Editions, Neo's are only some of the Expansions we use in the mystery boxes!

Box Fresh Packs

Get a floor box? Grade them!! Numerous customers have graded packs from our Mystery Boxes and received high grades that increase the packs value! We love ripping, but true value is keeping them sealed!

Always Have Excitement!

Tired of opening a mystery box and getting nothing?
Sick of being dissapointed every time you open?

NOT HERE!!!! Guaranteed WoTC in every BOX! 1st Editions in 50% of the boxes!

Real People, Real Results

With one of if not THE best odds for 1st edition vintage WoTC packs, you are guaranteed at least a WoTC Pack in every box! The results and reactions speak for themselves!

Batches of 50

We keep it simple and clear. Only 50 boxes are made per edition of Mystery Box.

25x Floors (WoTC Unlimited), 25x 1st Edition or Better. No thousands of floors and only 100 hitters here. True 50/50 chance at hitting 1st editions or better!

A Ceiling Example

All of our myster boxes will have at least 1 major hit like this Legendary Collection Box! A true grail pack in the history of WoTC. Other's include Skyridge, Expedition, Aquapolis, 1st Edition Neo Series.

A Floor Example

We are not afraid to highlight our floor boxes! We are proud to say that every floor box has a WoTC Pack Guaranteed!